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Sam McManus


4 - 18+

Supporting Independent Schools

About Me

My name is Samuel McManus but prefer to be called Sam! I am an accredited humanistic counsellor based in London with over 15 years counselling experience working with children and young people.

specialise within the Independent Schools sector, where I am currently working with a number of Schools including Latmyer Prep School, Latymer Upper School, Kensington Prep School and Connaught House School.

I believe in the importance of creating a safe space to help young people understand which barriers are present and might be inhibiting their personal growth. I work in a non-directive, person-centred way, focussing on the relationship between counsellor and client with an abundance of patience and care. I am here to support and empower young people as they face the natural ebbs and flows of life, helping them to take charge of the changes that they may need.   

For further information about the way I work, my qualifications and how much I charge, please click this link below:      


School Counselling Service

I have created a number of in-school counselling services and offer this service to a select number of independent schools. This always needs to be negotiated with the school prior to any sessions taking place but is especially useful for Prep school pupils aged between 5 - 11 years old who may benefit from face-to-face support. 

This service is term time only and is reviewed at the end of each term.  


For more information, please click the link below:  

School Drop-in Service

I offer a term time drop-in service for pupils at school. This operates on a weekly basis and works in conjunction with the school.

This service is about offering intermittent support for pupils who may only need one or two sessions, when it is needed. For longer term support they can be referred on for weekly sessions at school.


For more information, please click the link below:  

Online Counselling

I can offer online counselling sessions through either Zoom, Face-Time or Google Meets. Although different from counselling in-person, this is a proven and effective way of supporting young people to cope with change, especially pertinent during these uncertain times.

For more information, please click the link below:



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